Residential Services
*There are no added fuel, administrative, or environmental fees.
Carts are delivered free of charge. Call for pricing. *

We Offer 5 Weekly Residential Services:

1) 64 Gallon Cart (provided) with no extras

2) 96 Gallon Cart (provided) with no extras

3) 96 Gallon Cart (provided) + 3 30-gallon bags

4) 2 96-Gallon Carts (provided) with no extras

5) 2 96-Gallon Carts (provided) + 6 30-gallon bags

Please ask about our house pickup services for seniors and the disabled.

Check out our Service Area!
If your current waste removal provider isn't Scooter's Refuse, you are likely fed up with all of the extra fees that you are charged on each and every bill you receive.

Does your current provider charge you any of the following fees?

   Fuel Surcharges?              Cart Delivery Cost?

      Start-Up Fees?                Environmental Fees?

Other Confusing Charges?

Scooter's Refuse Service does not charge any of these extra fees.
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